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Our Strategic Plan is divided into six domains where we want to maintain excellence or see growth. We track our progress with data that relates our goals through Greatness Indicators. As an added layer of progress reporting, we track our plan’s health globally as well as within each of the six plan domains. Look for our Plan Health Indicator within each domain.


Educator Spotlight

Sam Worden


English, Teacher

Educator Spotlight:

"Mr. Worden is fully committed to focused curriculum and instruction, while he is blazing the trail with respect to innovation within the classroom," says Principal Hubbard. He has taken on and is excelling at his delivery of AP Literature and contributes to the school in so many other ways. From website work, to film production, to incredible pictures of all that goes on at ACHS, Mr. Worden is a significant contributor to the culture, climate, and celebration of what it means to be a Sequoit."

"I love being a part of the ACHS community," says Worden. "Working with 9th graders and AP seniors, not to mention wandering around with a camera capturing weird little moments, gives me the chance to see so many different sides of the school, and I couldn't be happier."

Educator Spotlight

Matt Kastor


Fine Arts, Department Chair

Those Who Excel:

Matt Kastor, Fine Arts Department Chair, will be recognized at the Illinois State Board of Education's Those Who Excel banquet this fall as District 117's candidate for Administrator of the Year. Kastor is "... a respected and effective leader who has built a department of excellent teachers with high performing and high achieving students," writes Jori Bowen, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, in her letter of nomination.

Ignite passion and discovery in every student
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